GALERÍA RUBÉN RÍOS was established in San Juan, PR (since 1985 in Santurce) by his owner and artist Rubén Ríos, as a showcase of his trayectory on the Caribbean Contemporary Art

"Rubén Ríos...In his professional artistic manifestation, which began in the early '70s, spontaneuosly suggests ideas such as the matriarchal concept of the Puerto Rican society, and the reverence for Mother Earth...Our Homeland; which have always been pillars of his expressed in the content of his pieces."

Arturo V. Báez, "RUBEN RIOS...The artist's dimensional and pictorial transmutation!" Latin American Art Magazine (Edition No.3 / January - June 2013)

The Artist's Biography

Rubén Ríos was born at the City of Bayamón, Puerto Rico in 1948. He studied drawing and painting at Liga de Estudiantes de Arte in Old San Juan with professors Jorge Rechany and Luis Hernández Cruz. 

After finishing his studies at Liga de Estudiantes de Arte he attended seminars at the School of Plastic Arts of San Juan, where he furthered his training in painting and sculpture. 

He did independent studies at the University of Puerto Rico(Rio Piedras Campus) under the tutelage of professors Alberto Ortiz Collazo, Luis Hernández Cruz and John Balossi.

Subsequently, he worked and studied with John Balossi, Augusto Marín and Jorge Rechany in their respective studios.

At present he performs at his "atelier" and owns GALERIA RUBEN RIOS in Santurce.


2012     Taller de Fotoperiodismo


              San Juan, PR

2012     Museo de Arte de Caguas


              Caguas, PR

2010     Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba


              New York, NY / USA

2010     Galería Rubén Ríos

              ″APOCALYPTO 2012

              Santurce / San Juan, PR

2009     Galería Rubén Ríos


              Santurce / San Juan, PR

2001     Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española


              Old San Juan / San Juan, PR

1990     Galería JAIMES

              Barcelona, Spain

1989     Salón D’AUTOMNE

              Paris, France

              BUXIERES LES MINES

              Paris, France

1987     VIII Bienal Internacional de Arte

              Valparaíso, Chile

1986     V Bienal Iberoamericana de Arte

              Mexico City, Mexico

1983     Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española

              VI Bienal del Grabado

              Old San Juan / San Juan, PR

1981     O.E.A.

              Colectiva de Artistas Puertorriqueños

              Washington, D.C.


  • ·         Museo de Arte de PoncePonce, PR
  • ·         Banco Central HispanoSan Juan, PR
  • ·         Oriental Federal Savings BankSan Juan, PR
  • ·         1 First BankSan Juan, PR
  • ·         Hotel Westin Rio MarRio Grande, PR
  • ·         Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport / Carolina, PR
  • ·         V. Suárez & CompañíaBayamón, PR


"It remains to be added that the work of Rubén Ríos is part of our cultural heritage, given the educational wealth of his content that always assists us in remembering our socio-cultural origin for the benefit of future generations; synonymous of TRANSCENDENCY"_Arturo V. Báez, "RUBEN RIOS...The artist's dimensional and pictorial transmutation!" Latin American Art Magazine (Edition No.3 / January - June 2013)

"The artist's creative process is complex as it is given the moment by which he can combine a motive, or an inspirational source with the means and the technique, as well as a certain style that best viable his ideas."_Myrna E. Rodríguez, AICA, Professor & Art Critic for the "APOCALYPTO 2012" Exhibition (2010) / San Juan, PR

"Ruben Rios ventures into abstract forms reflecting with color, geometry and lines the presence of a littoral bounded by the sea and winds."_Jorge Rodríguez for "ANTILLANOS" (NY, USA) / "Antillanos en Manhattan" Escenario / El Vocero newspaper / San Juan, PR (Sept/25/2010)

"In his gallery at Canals Street in Santurce_next to the busy Plaza del Mercado (La Placita), of course_colorful figures of an impossible stoicism make more evident the culture to which they pay homage. Beings of fantasy and magic dwell in a space that traps spectators and forces them to become part of a strange dimension."_Max Resto, "The true meaning of 'naif' " Porfolio / The San Juan Star newspaper / San Juan, PR (May/29/1999)

"Like any product of the sensitivity expression, Ruben's work has undergone a series of transformations along its path. From a surreal abstractionism, worked through the ink, to the suggestive figurative expressionism, that has been cultivated for several years through air brush."_Mario Alegre Barrios, "El entorno espiritual en la obra de Rubén Ríos" Arte-Por Dentro / El Nuevo Día newspaper / San Juan, PR (Aug/18/1991)


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